Below you will find a list of common questions we are often asked about Foods of Spain and our connecting websites. If you still have any questions you would like to ask us, please get in touch, we would love to hear from you.

How often do you update your listings?

Weekly! We are always receiving new listing submissions each week plus our in-house team is always researching for new listings ourselves. If you have a location you would like to add or recommend then please let us know.

Can I request any locations to be added?

Yes! We are always looking to increase our listings around the UK. If you would like to request a restaurant that you either own or recommend, please fill out our form on the ‘Submit Listing’ page.

Do you only cover Spanish style restaurants on your listing?

At the moment yes, our directory is only dedicated to Spanish food & drink locations.

What are your other websites and what do they do?

The Spanish Pantry is a guide to delicatessen and online suppliers specializing is Spanish food and Drink. Tapas Online is our online platform for food recipes, blog articles and books all relating to Spanish food and drink.

Can I advertise on your website?

Of course, we’d be delighted – providing it’s to do with Spanish food and drink. Please send us a message with your details.

How do I become a member to your blog so I get regular updates?

Just fill in the online form and our newsletters will be winging their way to you.

Can I take/use images from your website?

All our images are copyright, so if you’d like to use something, please drop us an email first.



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